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The Most Dangerous Mistakes…

The Most Dangerous Mistakes… When Choosing a Realtor

Over the course of the next several blog posts, I will be sharing with you what I view as the most dangerous mistakes prospective homebuyers and sellers can make when selecting a Realtor.

What some homebuyers and sellers struggle to understand is that not all Realtors are created equal. Some work harder than others, and some hardly work at all. Many differ in their strategies and approaches to working within the Real Estate market.

Today I examine an important strategic difference in listing a home.

“My house is worth at least a million dollars.”

Some inexperienced agents will tell you your home is worth more to appease you in the short run. What happens down the road? You’re frustrated when you can’t sell your home and the agent has accomplished almost nothing on your behalf. Homes receive even more attention when they’re newly listed and fresh on the market. If a Realtor lists your house for considerably more than it’s true worth, by the time you go through multiple price reductions, it’s considered old news and buyers might be turned off by a perceived act of desperation.

Nina’s Advice:

Your house is worth only as much as a prospective buyer is willing to pay.

Okay, it’s time for a serious reality check. Please be realistic when evaluating the true, current value of your home. I provide my sellers with the most informative, up-to-date statistics and trends to make sure they have an accurate listing price. A thorough Comparative Market Analysis is necessary to make a sound pricing decision.

Please follow my daily blog as I continue to list more potential problems to be averted when choosing the best Realtor to suit your needs.

I look forward to helping you move through this process as smoothly as possible, achieving the best results possible.

Nina’s Tech Net: Technology Support from The Nina Klemm Team

Welcome back to Tech Tuesday! As you know each week we’ll be promoting ideas and resources which will help everyone navigate the world of technology as it relates to the home. 

Today, we’d like to continue with our list of innovative apps.

(If you missed last Tuesday’s installment, please be sure to check it out for apps to assist in home buying and selling.)

Home ownership is a completely worthwhile experience, but challenges do inevitably occur. Lucky for modern day homeowners, technologies have been developed – including the increasingly popular iPad – which can help you find solutions to these challenges. They can even help ensure that home improvement projects remain within your budget, while still providing a wealth of options.

As a current or soon to be homeowner, there is an amazing array of apps which can help you with interior design and décor projects. They’ll help guide you in areas many homeowners feel somewhat unsure, and long for expertise and direction.

Making your home look amazing doesn’t have to be a chore. Help is at your fingertips guiding you when you’re trying to choose just the right paint colors, find great furniture and even choose a wood finish for flooring.

Believe it: these clever techie tools will inspire you, and help you make your house a HOME.

Below, I am showcasing more iPhone, iPad and Droid applications which can help around the house:  

 Craigsphone: Originally designed for the iPhone, this application also works well on the iPad, allowing homeowners to score discount furniture, a great new house or even a new stove – all from one centralized place.

Ben Color Capture: Benjamin Moore paint has created this application that lets users take a picture of just about anything and find the closest matching paint out there.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas: Need some inspiration for your interior design project? With over 100,000 photos on hand, this mobile database is sure to provide something that catches your fancy.

Dream Home HD: Get some ideas on how to integrate the latest interior design trends into your home with this amazing photo-rich application.

Palettes: If you’re trying to develop a color scheme for a room, this can be an invaluable tool, letting you pull together colors to see how they work before investing in any decor.

Sherwin Williams Color Snap: Take a snapshot of your favorite color and easily find a coordinating or matching paint from Sherwin Williams’ line when you use this application.

Paint Tester: Instead of getting stuck with walls painted in a color that just doesn’t work, use this app to try out the color ahead of time, no paint involved.

Trends: This application will help you to keep up with the latest in design trends. While some may be a bit high-end, it can provide inspiration for your budget version of the same look.

I.D. Wood: Want to know what kind of wood your floors or dining chairs are? In this, you’ll find a reference guide that can help you ID any kind of wood or to choose a color and grain that you love for future projects.

MySurface: DuPont makes it easy to find the color that’s perfect for your home, whether inside or out, kitchen or bath, with this application.

Next week, look forward to more home improvement apps!

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Nina’s Tech Net Tuesday

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