Divorce and Real Estate: How Divorce Hits Home

A not so upbeat topic for today’s blog post, but a subject which has inevitably touched all our lives – maybe directly, or through people we know, or both.

It’s a bit surprising, but coinciding with the decline of housing prices, the national rate of divorce has followed a similar downward trend throughout the past several years. While news of dips in the housing market has dominated media coverage, I think we rarely read or hear about a parallel drop in the overall numbers of divorces.

Clearly, recession-related economic factors have broadly affected all of us, but particularly those families facing tough decisions about whether or not to proceed with separation and/or divorce.  It appears that these challenging economic factors have created new trends in how families grapple with the notion of divorce. As a realtor, and divorced mother, I often think about these life changing decisions some families must face, and how they will affect decisions related to the home.

According to the National Marriage Project at University of Virginia, factors including the recession, completion of a college education/obtaining a degree, and weekly attendance of a religious institution to practice one’s faith all combine to help ensure a marriage remains intact.

It’s frequently considered that crisis in a relationship can either divide and demolish OR bring everyone closer together. Financial stressors resulting from this recession have delivered devastating wallops to 1 in 5 marriages, according to data released by National Marriage Project researchers.

In contrast – and to end on a more positive note – research also indicates that many couples have rallied to meet these financial challenges with a renewed resolve to persevere and make marriage work.

The subject of divorce hits home, without a doubt. But please remember I am here to help in any way possible. As always, I promise to work hard on your behalf, enlisting the added assistance of the many invaluable resources and contacts I’ve come to know and trust. I will not only get the job done, but the smiles and good spirits we experience together along the way – through good times and not so good times – will carry us through.


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