Of Blogs and Websites

Blogs have become ubiquitous these days.  With  wordpress.com’s  6 million additional blogs added last year (the service we use) – it’s safe to say, blogging is becoming more and more popular. Many of my Twitter followers have been wondering:  What exactly can a blog provide vs. a conventional company website?

My team and I built my real estate website (www.ninaklemm.com) a number of years ago and found it to be a great tool for prospective clients to see what I’m about before they decide to work with me. Recently, thanks to the input of my marketing director, I discovered the concept of “blogging” and how it can provide expertise for any industry and build a certain quality/level of hype.

 There really isn’t much of a difference between a blog and a website considering the improvements WordPress has made to their system. The thing about a blog that a website lacks  is the ability to be a search engine optimized (SEO).  Prior to my marketing director’s technical support tutorial on this subject, I was clueless as to the meaning of SEO.  This is when text is picked up by a search engine (i.e Google) and indexed so people can find your information more easily.

 We’re finding increasingly that each company is including the blog on their website instead of differentiating with two separate domain names (the way we’re doing it). I find that websites provide a more polished and professional approach, whereas blogs are more informational, informal and should lack the perfected polish a business website presents. I still like to separate my blog from my website for the time being. I like that my blog features “IndyRealtyQueen” and I’m not yet inclined to combine the two.

Let me know your thoughts about blogs vs. websites! Leave a comment or tweet me: @IndyRealtyQueen  I look forward to some feedback, or tweetback, as the case may be.


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