We Have a WINNER!

We have a WINNER!

All week I’ve been tweeting about my Tony Sacco’s Pizza Giveaway and we finally have a winner!

We had 11 participants in this week’s giveaway.  All of my followers were invited to retweet to win. Each of the responding followers’ usernames was printed onto a slip of paper, then tossed into what we on the Nina Klemm team refer to as “the silly hat.”

 Late Friday afternoon one name was drawn…  Erica Dobson or @EricaDobson ! (Erica had retweeted us Wednesday August 10th at 2:41p.m.)  Congrats, Erica!

 Erica will be enjoying $50 worth of delicioso Tony Sacco’s Coal Oven Pizza. All fresh, primo ingredients – always freshly and expertly prepared.  Tony Sacco’s is located in Carmel Indiana’s lovely Clay Terrace. Also, look out for the Greenwood location opening soon!  

We would like to extend a special thank you to our friends at Tony Sacco’s for making this contest giveaway possible.  Thanks also to Lindsey Interlandi (@Interlandi), Marketing Director Extraordinaire, for all her help and continued support.

Thanks again to all who retweeted and entered to win. Monday, we’ll begin hosting another week-long contest giveaway. We’d love to see even more participation from our followers!

 In the next couple of weeks I’d love to host a “tweetup” with my tweeps. Ideas, any and all feedback/tweetback, are graciously welcomed.

Have a fabulous weekend!




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