Nina’s Tech Net Tuesday

Nina’s Tech Net: Technology Support from The Nina Klemm Team

Happy Tuesday! I’d like to introduce a new feature to my blog, which will appear each week, promoting ideas and resources helping everyone navigate the world of technology. I consult frequently with my director of marketing, who happens to be an IT whiz as well.  He helps me arrive at smart solutions every day. This is a tech-driven society, and the journey is so much smoother with the knowledge and support of those in the know!

My marketing miracle worker has advised me to focus on innovative apps this week. There is an amazing array of apps that can help you with the home buying/ selling process. 2011 has been a landmark year for mobile applications to assist so many of us in so many invaluable ways.

Buying and selling a home can be an amazing experience, but that doesn’t mean challenges will not occur.

 Luckily for modern day home buyers and sellers, there are technologies — including the increasingly popular iPad — that can help make things a little easier.

Below, I am showcasing six iPhone, iPad and Droid applications that can help in your quest to find and purchase a home, or conversely, sell your existing home. They’re my favorites!

1. Zillow: With Zillow, you can find homes in any neighborhood based on factors like number of bedrooms, bathrooms and price. You can also get estimates of what your home and those in your area might be worth– a helpful tool when thinking about selling.

2. Trulia: Trulia has thousands of home listings, making it easy to find real estate in your desired area and check out pictures online.

3. LoopNet: Another real estate search tool, this application is perfect for the homeowner looking to upgrade, downsize or just make room for an expanding family.

4. Our own native web application, just type it into your mobile device!

5. Home Value Pro: Want to know how much your home is worth? How about the one you’re thinking about buying? This application will give you accurate and reliable estimates of home values across the U.S.

6. Mortgage Calculator: Figure out how much your monthly payment would be on a new home using this handy tool.

7. If you still haven’t found the home you’ve been dreaming of, take a look at this real estate app for a great selection of listings.


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