Are you ready for some football?

After a busy day of real estate, nothing makes me happier than to see my kids play football. My sons, Nikko (6), and Jalen (8) both play football for the Carmel Dads Club.

Jalen is currently playing his first year of tackle football, and Nikko is playing flag football.

Tonight, the parents were asked in advance to participate in the football festivities. I sported my athletic attire – shorts, a t-shirt, athletic shoes – and joined the boys for some football.

Unfortunately, I was the only mother who came prepared to play, so Jalen advised that I not “tackle” this challenge.

I did, however, get to throw the ball around with them afterwards. Surprisingly, I even got the chance to attempt a field goal! Did I achieve this goal? Suffice it to say that I perform far more favorably in the field of real estate (Hey, I quarterback, manage and coach every day for the Nina Klemm Team!)

After Jalen’s practice I headed over for Nikko’s flag football, which was held at a different venue. Nikko did a great job and really hustled!

I’m very proud of both my boys and love their involvement in team sports, especially through Carmel Dads Club. The entire experience seems to be a wonderfully positive, even vital asset to their young development. I can foresee the benefits of team sports serving them well into adolescence and manhood.

It’s all about team spirit, both on and off the field.

Enthusiastic and heartfelt thanks to the amazing volunteer staff of leaders at Carmel Dads Club. They do such a fine job teaching and organizing our kids, and helping us all create terrific memories.


4 thoughts on “Are you ready for some football?

  1. I hope my son gets into team sports. It will be his choice but I had such a great experience playing basketball in high school and I loved PE lol. My husband on the other hand was a college swimmer, started swimming competitively since the age of 7 and so he doesn’t want that life for anyone. We’ll see what happens. Ps-As a mom you’ll like this Mom’s Guide to Caring for Little Teeth ( It’s got tips on avoiding cavities and what to do when a tooth gets knocked out. Helpful stuff.

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