The Most Dangerous Mistakes…

The Most Dangerous Mistakes… When Choosing a Realtor

Over the course of the next several blog posts, I will be sharing with you what I view as the most dangerous mistakes prospective homebuyers and sellers can make when selecting a Realtor.

What some homebuyers and sellers struggle to understand is that not all Realtors are created equal. Some work harder than others, and some hardly work at all. Many differ in their strategies and approaches to working within the Real Estate market.

Today I examine an important strategic difference in listing a home.

“My house is worth at least a million dollars.”

Some inexperienced agents will tell you your home is worth more to appease you in the short run. What happens down the road? You’re frustrated when you can’t sell your home and the agent has accomplished almost nothing on your behalf. Homes receive even more attention when they’re newly listed and fresh on the market. If a Realtor lists your house for considerably more than it’s true worth, by the time you go through multiple price reductions, it’s considered old news and buyers might be turned off by a perceived act of desperation.

Nina’s Advice:

Your house is worth only as much as a prospective buyer is willing to pay.

Okay, it’s time for a serious reality check. Please be realistic when evaluating the true, current value of your home. I provide my sellers with the most informative, up-to-date statistics and trends to make sure they have an accurate listing price. A thorough Comparative Market Analysis is necessary to make a sound pricing decision.

Please follow my daily blog as I continue to list more potential problems to be averted when choosing the best Realtor to suit your needs.

I look forward to helping you move through this process as smoothly as possible, achieving the best results possible.


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Senior Living for Our Silver Citizens

Senior living, including the assisted variety, is a touchy topic that many of us are apprehensive to bring up or explore. Our senior citizens – whom I often refer to as “silver citizens” – often think they are perfectly fine living on their own. This may be a matter of younger family members doing their very best to act in the best interest of their elder loved ones, and having to take steps to intervene. Our elders may come to the conclusion that family members and friends don’t care or don’t have time to take care of them at this particularly vulnerable time in their lives. My father and I have been discussing this important subject of late. Additionally, I’ve worked with many clients in this challenging, fragile situation.  

I would like to outline some positive strategies to help when approaching our silver citizens and presenting the concept of senior living options.

Ganging Up Only Makes Things Worse – Instead of bringing everyone together to have the discussion, sit down with them one-on-one and present the facts. Attacking only makes things worse and can feel like you’re forcing them into something instead of entertaining the idea.

Put Yourself in their Shoes – If you were in their situation, how would you like to be treated in this situation?  Keep in mind, their mindset may be far different from yours, but this is something important to consider.

Be Honest but not Blunt- Don’t make things seem perfect. If your elder family member really needs special attention, don’t come out and bluntly state you can or cannot  provide that for them. I’ve seen too many cases where parents or loved-ones are pushed away by the thought or notion of senior/assisted living when it’s really the best option for them.

Give Them the Option- Instead of making the decision for them or compelling them to make the decision, take a more passive, gentler approach and give them options to consider. Discuss why you think they should consider assisted living or senior communities. It’s very important they understand they should choose what they believe is the best option.

Prepare Materials – Before you meet, prepare a list of reasons why senior/assisted living could be beneficial and why it might be better than living in your own residence. Thoughtfully list the different avenues.

Avoid Rushing and Urgency. You might send the wrong message if you promote a “we need to act now” scenario. Although you may feel stressed, taking things slowly will put them, as well as everyone involved, at ease. Do your best to be sure they feel relaxed when you bring up the topic of assisted living or a senior community.

Finding your elder family members a senior/assisted living community is not about relieving you or your family of a burden. Ultimately, you want them to feel independent and not so weighed down by you, your life and activities. Take an honest approach, listen, consider and show them options without forcing them into a situation. The result should be a healthy dialogue in which your senior loved ones will listen to you, and you will listen to them. Only good things can result from such mutual love and respect.

For those of you in this situation, I work with many senior/assisted living communities. Depending on your loved ones’ needs, the solution can be as simple as a townhome located in a small community, with the option of receiving additional services and support if and when needed.

Our silver citizens deserve the very best we can offer. I am very pleased to have helped so many find lovely, comfortable homes. If you’d like to sit down for a no obligation consultation, I encourage you to call me @ 317-460-1692, or send me an email:


Welcome Back Home ;)

Welcome back home, wonderful readers! I’d like to begin by thanking all of you for following the new blog and responding so positively to these posts. I encourage you to e-mail, tweet, call, or mention to me in person any and all suggestions for daily topics. Whatever’s on your mind to assist you with the home buying/selling process, community info, helping you to enjoy the many benefits of home ownership, etc. – I am here to answer all your questions!

In today’s blog entry, I’m featuring one of my property listings:


777 Greenford Trail, Carmel, Listed@ $319,900

If it’s a stylish, spacious, perfectly located condo you’re seeking, you have arrived.
Just off 136th St. & Rangeline, within walking distance of Carmel High School and irresistibly close to Carmel’s Arts & DesignDistrict, this Drees built condominium exudes quality, sophistication AND a warm sense of home. Standing stately within the condo community of Village Green, this three story Georgian townhome features:


  • Nearly 3000 sq.ft.
  • 3Bedrooms
  • Master Suite includes walk-in closet, window-wrapped sitting room glowing with natural light
  • 4 Baths (2full/2half)
  • Master Bath includes corner, multi-jet whirlpool tub
  • Eat-in Kitchen, fully equipped with all stainless steel appliances, granite
    countertops, granite center island, rich wood cabinetry
  • Neutral Décor
  • Finished basement
  • Private, attached 2 car garage + guest parking
  • Plus many more inviting features!

Architectural features abound within this condo. Gorgeous views include the nearby Nature Preserve. Also within close proximity to the scenic Monon Trail.

Please call or e-mail if this property is of interest to you. I’m so excited to list it, and would be happy to arrange for a showing and/or provide you with further information.

And as always- take a peek at my virtual tour 😉 – Virtual Tour

The Woodlands Subdivision Profile (Carmel)

This week, I’d like to profile a lovely, timeless Carmel neighborhood called The
Woodlands.  A well established subdivisionlocated in southeastern Carmel, just off 106th St. & Keystone Ave., The Woodlands is a family-friendly community, conveniently located to shops, restaurants, schools, daycare, churches, the post office, and many other vital destinations.

Important Current Numbers to Consider when Evaluating

The Woodlands:

-18 active listings

-8 SOLD in the past 6 months

-Avg. # of Days on Market: 42

-Avg. price/sq.ft.: $110.00

-Max. price/sq.ft.: $240.00

-Avg. sale price/home: $226,750

-Max. sale price of a home was $287,500

People talk about how bleak the real estate market is, but with a 96.03% list to sales
price value within The Woodlands, I believe positive, profitable outcomes are realistic and proven. Houses are not only moving, but their values are being respected and preserved.

This charming expansive neighborhood features bountiful, mature landscaping, as well as the lovely Lake Woodland. Lakeshore Drive, one of the most scenic residential routes in Carmel, winds through the center of the subdivision and even leads to and through the neighboring Woodland Springs subdivision.

The nearby public elementary school, Forest Dale, boasts a fantastic faculty, cheerful
atmosphere, and excellent academic standards for student success. My sons, Jalen and Nikko, are thoroughly enjoying this fine school. I highly recommend Forest Dale’s Extended Stay Enrichment Program, an after-school elective offering, run by Ms. Valeska Simmons, Site Supervisor.

When we’re all on hiatus from school during the summer, The Woodlands provides
outstanding, well-maintained recreational facilities including their impressive swimming pool, tennis courts, and accompanying clubhouse. There is a rich, almost legendary tradition of active swim team participation among kids and families in this neighborhood.

Please give me a call if you’re interested in touring any of the homes currently on the
market in The Woodlands. If you are currently a homeowner in the area wishing to set up a listing consultation, I would also be happy to assist!

We’re All About New Beginnings…

The Nina Klemm Team is happy to launch its official new blog!

We cordially invite you to join us for daily updates on a terrific variety of topics related to one of the most important aspects of our lives: Our Homes & Living Spaces

Topics are not limited to but will include:

  • Home Buying &Selling
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  • Recipes from the Heart of the Home
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  • And so much more! (Your  Input is Greatly Appreciated)