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Nina’s Tech Net Tuesday

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Our Saturday Solution to Saturday’s Snafu

Hi, I’m Blake. As Nina Klemm’s marketing director, I’m taking this opportunity to post and explain a bit of what happened yesterday, and why we didn’t post our #FF on Twitter.

My day started out as it does every day: checking in on our marketing strategies, making appropriate adjustments and following up with potential opportunities. At about 12:45 pm I received a phone call from Nina indicating that she had literally run over her computer – while driving her SUV. To spare you the mind-boggling details, I spent the rest of my day searching for a new computer to replace the one she had crushed. #FF on Twitter, as important as it is, had to take a back seat.

Handing it off to Nina now…

Thanks, Blake. Thanks also for coming to the rescue yesterday. Since yesterday did not unfold according to plan, I would now like to take a few moments to recognize some of my  favorite followers:

@sdiraexpert – Kevin Kaczmarek – Met with him this week at a great Triple S networking event.

@AlexCapBlue – Alex Garrett – Kevin K’s marketing director. Great personality, tweets about important financial happenings.

@GaryMcCarty – Gary McCarty – A good friend of mine, fellow member of my church congregation and finance whiz!

@IndyBill23 – Bill Yanney – Tweets about interesting happenings around Indy, great guy & academic advisor.

@ChoosingChange – Brooke Randolph – Great inspiration & Indy area adoption advocate.

@CarmelBruce – Bruce Kimball – One of my favorite Carmel “tweeps”! If you live in Carmel, he’s a must follow.

@TonySaccosIndy – Tony Sacco’s in Clay Terrace – One of the Nina Klemm Team’s favorite places to eat. Their original coal oven pizza is absolutely the best!

@Interlandi – Lindsey Interlandi – A social media marketing genius, the marketing director at Tony Sacco’s Pizza.

@ErinCouch – Erin Couch – The winner of this week’s RT 2 WIN Tony Sacco’s Giveaway.  Erin’s also a winner on the social media marketing front.

@TylerLee83 – Tyler McCord – This guy is one of my favorite “tweeps”. He’s always upbeat and one of the sweetest guys on Twitter.

@PaulPoteet – Paul Poteet – Weather genius, wonderful character and tv/radio personality. A must follow.

@Plattonian – (Katherine Platt) – Always quick to make interesting comments and has vast political knowledge.

@rtMcClure – Always has nice things to say about me and I can tell he has a good heart.

Some others, not any less important: @NaptownBuzz – Local Indy area news, @HoosierWX, @indyinspector, @WordswithSteph, @RandyClarkTKO, @MrDrewLarrison, @bfack1, @Dj_bg, @IndyBMWGuy, @EricaDobson

If we did not mention you, it doesn’t mean you are not one of my favorite followers, it just means that you might not have caught my attention this week!

Again, thanks for following and for your loyal readership. Hope you understand about Friday’s mega-snafu.

Have a safe, wonderful weekend!

Nina & Blake

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SOLD on Social Media

As a real estate agent, one of my favorite words is SOLD, as it relates to a successful transaction. However, in today’s post I wish to share my new affection for and appreciation of what has become the social media revolution. Social media is changing the business world very quickly. When I was first introduced to social media’s founding trailblazer, Facebook, it was primarily used to keep up with friends and personal life. Now with the concept of social media marketing, professionals are able to reach larger audiences and brand themselves along with their companies. From my perspective, this revolutionary concept  is a great way to stay in touch with my past clients and share my knowledge with the world. It is a powerful and productive tool which greatly assists me in realizing my goal in life – to offer advice and help people.

A few weeks ago I took the plunge into social media because my marketing director, Blake Kennedy, thought it was a smart direction. He advised that I could connect with all sorts of people I wouldn’t ordinarily be able to reach with conventional print media marketing. I followed his advice, implemented the new strategy, and started a Twitter account: @IndyRealtyQueen.  I must admit, it was a rocky start and I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but with Blake’s insight and my real estate knowledge we were able to inform and stay in touch with the community and really emphasize the SOCIAL aspect of social media. 

I’m a huge fan of #FF (Follow Friday) and I can’t wait until tomorrow!  So I just want to offer a few quick shouts-outs to some of my biggest social media (mostly Twitter) inspirations:

@Interlandi (Tony Sacco’s Pizza marketing expert extraordinaire & my new BFF
@ErinCouch (fascinating tweets and last name, let me tell ya)
@CarrieRitchie (one of my favorite IndyStar reporters)

If I forgot to mention you that does not mean you haven’t influenced me, it just means you might not have reached out to me as much as these social birds. Thanks for all you’ve done to help me realize the importance of social media.


P.S. Remember our Tony Sacco’s Gift Card Giveaway “RT 2 Win” contest drawing is tomorrow Retweet away!

146th St. Construction Info and Updates

I was driving to a lunch/listing appointment at Tony Sacco’s Pizza in Clay Terrace when I realized my readers might appreciate some info about roadwork in progress in one of Carmel’s busiest areas. I had no problem entering or leaving Clay Terrace. Good start!

When I got back to the office, my assistant and I gathered some important info for anyone wishing to smoothly transition from Point A to Point B anywhere between Western Way/Clay Terrace Boulevard AND Lowes Way/Greyhound Pass.

  • 146th Street is being widened.
  • Traffic Signals at Western Way and Lowes are synchronized, easing overall flow.
  • Throughout construction, the bridge has been restricted to a single lane, in both directions, plus requisite turn lanes.
  • Current bridge deck is being replaced and expanded to include 8 lanes, as well as a multi-use path.

Important Traffic Restrictions to Note:

  • Some lanes heading east will be closed; traffic will instead be steered to westbound lanes.
  • Traffic moving in both directions at Clay Terrace Blvd. will continue to flow, although restricted to one lane in each direction.  (West bound left turn lane into CTB, as well as an eastbound left turn lane at Greyhound Pass, are open.)

The electronic message boards, located at the eastern and western ends of 146th St., are very helpful in keeping drivers updated and alerted.

Important Trail
Restrictions to Note

The 146th St. Trail has been CLOSED. The pedestrian trail, if all runs smoothly, is scheduled to re-open in Dec. 2011.

The Hagen-Burke Trail would be an advisable detour for pedestrians. There are signs at each end of the trail, posted to inform users of the closure and advised detour.

146th St. Bridge

The bridge is projected to remain under construction until just before the commencement of the 2011 holiday season.

Also, I want to mention the names of some of the neighborhoods/subdivisions in the area:

Mulberry Farms, Spring Mill, Springmill Village, Village Farms, Rohrer Woods, Bridlewood, Hunters Creek South, Settlers Run, Oak Park, and Oak Manor.

Patience, good neighbors! I have no doubt the temporary inconveniences will pay off in the long run. Our beautiful city of Carmel is world-renowned for its exemplary, extraordinary traffic flow!

As I was leaving Clay Terrace after my business lunch, driving back to the office, I thought about all the blistering hot summer days and the impact these temperatures must be having on the road construction workers. I want to post a MEGA-THANK YOU to all of those amazing, hard-working, resilient individuals. You’re doing a great job and we do appreciate you!

I would have stopped to tell the workers personally, but I didn’t want to interrupt traffic flow!

Happy trails to one and all!


P.S. Will post photos later 😉